People are viewed as having a mind, body and soul and when one is unhealthy the other two are also unhealthy.  Battles are won or lost in the mind, therefore it is important to maintain good mental health.

We are created as spiritual beings and for those who rely on a personal relationship with God, this will ultimately define who you are, who you should be and how you should live your life.  A faith relationship adds a rich dimension to who you are, as you grow in the process of discovering meaning and purpose in life.

As Christian counsellors we take into account the mental, physical and spiritual needs of the counselee in order to bring about change and wholeness through open discussion of the relationship between God’s word and the present situation, and in helping you find strength in God when problems do arise.

Studies have shown that when prayer and faith are integrated into counselling the rates of recovery are often much better.

The main issues are:

  • Understanding who you are in Christ thereby developing Biblical self worth, thinking, choices and behaviour
  • Exploring personal problems, purpose, significance and longings

Establishing a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and others

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